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FLUFFY FOAMING LATTE character is called "LATECO". She is a girl with five faces.


LATECO is an image character, who helps our latte to deliver to you with fine energy to the whole country of Japan and the world, together with our partners.



Kjaer ! Latte's foam has turned into beards꒰ ˃̶◟  ॢ˂̶ ꒱♡”

Good taste LATECO

Latte with plenty of foam is fluffy and the best~(^﹀^)

Surprised LATECO

Girls love plenty foaming latteヽ(*'▽'*)ノ

Pleasant LATECO

This subtle flavor becomes a habit !♪(´ε` )


Latte is tasty because it has foamーo(*゚▽゚*)o♡